The best solution is prevention when it comes to termites. Termites are very destructive and can cripple a home or business within a few months. Instead of waiting for the damage to occur before doing something about it why not take preventative measure by hiring our services to perform a termite inspection and give you ways in which to prevent termites entering your home or business.

How Termite Inspections Work


The Technology that Dee Why Pest Control uses incorporates a Moisture Sensor and a Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide to enable our friendly staff to easily detect Termite Risk Areas. Once a Termite Risk Area is identified, a Termite Detection Radar built into the device is then used to detect and confirm actual presence of termites and track the locations of nests, leads, and entry points.

Nearly all pests, termites and other common wood destroying organisms need moisture and high humidity to survive and multiply, thus they will seek such locations to inhabit. Our Moisture detection system enables the operator to easily identify areas of excess moisture as a possible risk area for termites.

Additionally, congregations of termites will generate heat and humidity. Our Laser Guided Thermal Sensor detects termite risk areas by identifying areas of increased heat and humidity in building structures.

Upon identifying a termite risk area using the Moisture Sensor and/or Thermal Sensor, our staff will then switch over to Radar mode. Our Termite Detection Radar detects the movement of termites. we can detect activity level of any termites present.

Once a positive reading with the Termite Detection Radar has been established, termite activity can be tracked to locate entry points and nests. The tracking procedure on the Detection Radar shows our staff the extent of the activity and the direction from which the termites travelled to get to a particular point. This method enables the staff member to locate internal termite nests, then follow termite leads to locate the entry point of the termite infestation. They will then establish where the main nest is outside the building.


Termite Prevention


Our termite prevention utilises a chemical call Termidor. Termidor is safe to just about all plants and animals except for the termites themselves. By treating your home with Termidor the right way we are able to guarantee your home will be termite free for years to come.

The process is simple. We dig a small unobtrusive trench around the home or business and treat the soil with Termidor. Termidor kills any termite that comes in contact with it efficiently and effectively. As termites are social creatures they are constantly touching which spreads the Termidor chemical speeding up the process of destroying the termite colony.