You may not realise that termite damage to your home may not be covered by your home owner’s insurance policy. This makes it important that you ensure your home’s risk to termite infestations is kept at a minimum. Follow our list of tips and keep your home safe from termites.

Dee Why Pest Control Preventative Termite Tips:

  • Don’t stack timber next to or under your home. Loose timber laying around near the home is essentially a big flashing sign attracting termites to come and dig in. If you must store timber, do so on shelves above the floor and away from soil, dirt and wet areas.
  • Try to make sure you don’t have wet areas around your home or touching your home where water can pool and keep the ground damp. Termites use these damp areas to build tunnels under ground and into your home where they can eat away at the timber structure. 95% of reported cases in Australia  involving termite infestations have proven to be by subterranean (underground) termites that invade the home through wet soil or damp dirt covered areas.
  • Gardens touching the home are a key location for entry points of termite colonies. Raised gardens often cover what are known as weep holes that act as ventilation for the structure of the home. As the soil covers these holes it is a perfect location for termites to enter. Always ensure these weep holes are clear of debris or soil and if you do have a garden touching your home make sure to have your home regularly checked by one of our technicians to ensure termites aren’t present.
  • Basic inspections by the home owner themselves are a good idea to carry out every month or just when in the garden or working around the house. It is a good idea to employ a trained professional to come and inspect your house every six months to ensure there is no present or future risk of termite infestation. If you home is adjacent or opposite bushland or termites have been observed in the area, an inspection every three months is a better idea.

By simply knowing the locations that termites are commonly found entering homes and by carrying out regular inspections by yourself and by a trained professional such as our pest control technicians at Chatswood Pest Control, your home should be safe for a life time.

It is a good idea to also take an active preventative measure by having our team install a Termidor termite barrier around your homes perimeter.